Smart Paint Repair

Dent Magician's Smart Repair targets the areas of your car that may of been affected by dings and scratches caused by hail storms, whilst your vehicle is parked or just general wear and tear. Paint damage repair may also be used in places where rust has set in on the vehicle. In many cases paint damage repair work is often necessary after the vehicle undergoes rust treatment and repair.

Smart paint damage repair technology has evolved to help repair vehicle paint scratches and stone chips for a minimum of cost in short time and obtaining the highest quality results. By using advanced minor car paint repair techniques as well as modern materials and products, Dent Magician’s paint damage repair can ensure that your scratches will disappear without you having to incur expensive bodyshop repairs.

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Smart Bumper Scuff Repair

Minor scuffs that may appear on your vehicles exterior trim and mouldings can make your vehicle unsightly and reduce its value. Here at Dent Magician, our fully trained professional staff can remove these unsightly scuffs from bumpers, mirrors and exterior mouldings and restore the look of your car once again.

Every Day Driving of your vehicle can lead to unsightly scuffs and scrapes on your car's bumpers. Dent Magician's team of experienced technicians only prepare the damaged areas of your vehicle, and use the Smart Repair technology and materials to seamlessly remove the affected area.

Before Scuff Repair / After Scuff Repair

By repairing only the damaged area, and not repainting whole body panel, smart repair is the ideal solution to scrapes, scratches, scuffs and dents on plastic bumpers, wings, mirrors and other body trim. The final results are amazing, you will be amazed with the quality and final result achieved by Dent Magician.

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Smart Windscreen Repair

Chips in your windscreen are an MOT failure according to British Standards. Please check if your vehicles illegality by clicking here to view the British Standard BS AU242a:1988. Dent Magician can repair most windscreen providing your vehicle's windscreen is laminated.

Windscreen chips are not only unsightly, they can also impair vision and lead to M.O.T. failure. Worse still, these chips often start to form cracks which can result in the windscreen failing. In some cases in colder climates, stone chips can retain water which once frozen expands and causes the chip to enlarge and again in some cases crack the screen resulting in an expensive inconvenient windscreen replacement.

Dent Magicians Windscreen chip repair works by injecting a hard, clear resin into the chip under high pressure, then our technicians burnishing and polishing the resin flush with the screen resulting in the area that was damaged being fully sealed and completely repaired.

If you get a chip in your screen, don’t delay in calling Dent Magician because unless fixed straight away, you could be facing higher cost repairs and the inconvenience of a broken windscreen and wet interior in the morning.

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